Client’s Reviews

Client’s Reviews

“Demi creates a sense of calm and trust”

I came to Demi because I was looking to reconnect with and trust my intuition. I noticed that traditional talk therapies were limited to cognitive processes, and I felt disconnected from my body. Although I used to have a strong belief in spirituality, I had become increasingly skeptical over the years. However, after the first session, I felt a significant change in myself and my connection with myself, which also impacted my connection with my environment. My contact with intuition is growing, and this development continues between and after sessions. Exploring unresolved trauma gives me insight, helps me process it, and also restores my connection with my intuition. Many pieces of the puzzle fall into place. I often use the word “magical” to describe what I experience during and through the sessions. Demi creates a sense of calm and trust, so I felt safe diving deep from the beginning to restore my connection with myself.

Immy Auck (online 1:1 session)

“Demis knowledge, warm, kindness and openness is visible from the moment you make contact with her”

Hello from Australia! If you are reading this review, wondering if Working with Demi is for you, then THIS is the sign you have been looking for. My 6 days with Demi, and the wonderful other participants was mind changing. I learned so much about myself and inner needs, I learned the power of working alongside other, like minded women and I learned that the life I want, as a woman, as ME, is not just possible, but necessary. I learned that self care, and self love, are not just words, but a way of life. Demis knowledge, warm, kindness and openness is visible from the moment you make contact with her. Did I mention the time available to wander in the beautiful Swedish Forrest, REAL time to rest and recharge, and delicious home cooked meals? Working with Demi is all of that and so much more. I am deeply grateful that I found this retreat and made myself a priority. It is a gift that I will never regret giving myself. Thank you Demi, from the bottom of my heart.

Natasha Starford – Australia

“A beautiful location!”

On arrival we were kindly received by the Family and upon entering it immediately felt like coming home. The bedrooms are nicely decorated and have comfortable beds. A cozy and attractive large living room. A nice kitchen with everything you need.
Shower with two toilets.
The retreat center is a feast for the eyes in the middle of nature.
We enjoyed

Otje de Vries

“I found myself back”

I went to the Center for a 7-day private retreat with the expectation of finding something new, I actually found myself back.

Nature all around will provide the resources for your journey, whether it be physical or spiritual.

Regardless of the answers you are looking for, also be sure that Demi will be your perfect terrestrial guide.

Tina Nguyen (7day retreat)

“Eduard gave me the necessary insights”

With Eduard by my side as a coach, I don’t feel like I’m on my own. With his expertise, he can take a lot of the burden off my shoulders. I have gained much more structure as an entrepreneur and have discovered that there are other, more important values for me than I initially had in mind.

During this week I was brought back down to earth by Eduard. I came back to myself. This gave me the necessary insights, such as: putting myself first and that it is important to keep seeing the bigger picture. I experienced what I really want with my company, what my real goals are. Overall, it has given me a lot of peace of mind.

Jascha Meester (online business coaching & coaching week)

“caring & respectful attention”

This was an important week for me. Here I found the perfect place for this retreat I needed for a long time. Geraldine´s care and respectful attention has brought me long time healing.

Thank you so much Geraldine!

I now leave more mindful, enlightened and anchored. While I now carry something of the forest energy with me, I hope this place of rest and connection can always be a place of peace an care for you.

Adrien (private healing retreat)

“A magical place”

This magical place has everything you need to fully recharge yourself. Nature and the forests literally make you feel at peace.

The center is fully equipped. Beautiful and attractively furnished bedrooms, the living room is beautifully bright with comfortable seating and a large dining table. The jewel in this room is a beautiful large pizza oven.

Anneberg is located in the middle of the Swedish forests where you can walk endlessly without meeting anyone. The lakes are beautiful and great for swimming.

The family has created a wonderful place where you can come home to yourself in peace and stillness.


“It was like magic”

“This retreat was very meaningful for me. Now three weeks after the retreat I can say: I am doing FINE. Very much has changed for me. I feel PEACEFUL every day since then. It was like “magic” for me. It was like staying in a prison cell, searching for the key – and finally FIND THE KEY to the door – being able to open the door and step into freedom. Many situations in everyday life has been completely different afterwards. I am how I am now, I don’t have to pretend and try to fit in – I can just be myself. That is very different from the way I have been before. The retreat was really important and meaningful for me! Thanks, a lot Geraldine”!

Kristin (private silence retreat)

“A beacon of healing”

I didn’t know what I would find here but now I don´t even want to leave! I will remember my week at Anneberg, in this little camper, for the rest of my life.

Geraldine, your unconditional grace, support and wisdom is a beacon of healing. Words can´t capture how grateful I am to you for all our experiences this week. It was so nice meeting you all and make some memories! Take good care of yourselves, plus Nimo, the chickens, neighbour sheep’s and all the forest and property spirits! Until next time!

Darianne (7 day healing retreat)

“I leave happier, healthier and wiser”

Arriving here there was five cm of snow on the ground and close to zero degrees. But then came the rain and washed away the snow, and was followed by some lovely spring days with temperatures op to eighteen degrees:). Feel this also reflects my personal transformation during my stay at Geraldine´s silence retreat at Anneberg.  I leave happier, healthier and wiser! Thanks for making it possible!!

Egil (7 day silence retreat)

“Grateful for your support & wisdom”

Dear Geraldine & Eduard,

What you have created here, nestled in the woods, is truly magical and chanting. The caravan provided the perfect sanctuary, giving us the time and space we need to forge a new path for our future. The woods with their symphony of birdsongs, offered us some of the most peaceful an rejuvenating days we´ve ever experienced. Of course, none of this would have had such a profound impact without your guidance and healing. Your sessions helped us navigate our relationship and career decisions with clarity and compassion. We are deeply grateful for your support and wisdom. 

Thank you both, from the bottom of our hearts. Your sanctuary in the woods will always held a special place in our memories as a  starting point for this new chapter in our lives! 

Reshma (7 day couple retreat)

“One of the best experiences we ever had”

We came to Geraldine and Eduard wanting to gain clarity and ease before stepping into a new phase of our lives. Although we had made the decision to quit the security of a stable job at a big company, we were feeling anxious and uncomfortable to move forward. Geraldine and Eduard supported us both individually and together in identifying our blockages and in resolving them, which created a better awareness of what was holding us back and improved our understanding of each other. We loved that it was a tailored experience specific to our needs which unfolded as we spent our days at Anneberg retreat center in pristine peaceful nature.

This was one of the best experiences we ever had, We discovered a new way of being and are excited about our future!

Kunal (7 day couple retreat)

“A great transformative week”

I came for a silence retreat with Geraldine at Anneberg and it was such a great transformative week. The sanctuary you have created here really provided the setting I needed for things to unfold on the inside. 

My time here has truly brought me to new depths and heights within me. I am sure this place will provide the same for so many others on their paths.

Thank you so much for your warm heartiness wisdom and open arms. I will take so much calm, peace, insight and trust in life with me from here, and leave lots if other things behind. Thanks!!

Vincent (7 day silence retreat)

“silence & Stillness”

The retreat in Anneberg made everything slow down for a moment. By spending time in silence, alone with myself, I could experience myself and everything around me even more.

This place and the forest allowed me to stop and just be. Silence and stillness. Something that will stay with me.

I’m truly grateful for that. Thank you Geraldine!!!

Mariusz (7 day silence retreat)